A Common Will is Strong as the Bulwarks, Watching and Helping Each Other | China Medical System supported earthquake relief work in Gansu and Qinghai

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At 23:59 on December 18th, a M6.2 earthquake with a depth of 10 kilometers occurred in Jishishan County, Linxia Prefecture, Gansu Province. The earthquake affected 22 villages and towns in Qinghai Province within a range of 50 kilometers from the epicenter, causing casualties and property damage in many areas of Gansu and Qinghai. The disaster in this cold winter is touching the hearts of the whole nation.




Merciless disaster, the world is love. The local governments and public welfare organizations attach great importance to this earthquake and provide necessary assistance and support to residents in the disaster area.


CMS actively and rapidly responded to support the rescue work in the earthquake-stricken areas. After understanding the needs of the disaster area at the first time, CMS urgently purchased a batch of emergency relief materials, including Halal meals, cold-proof clothing, heating equipment, sanitary supplies, etc. CMS rushed to the rescue of Gansu and Qinghai with actual deeds to help the victims cope with the living difficulties caused by high altitude and low temperature weather, contributing humble efforts to the post disaster resettlement work. At present, all emergency relief supplies have been successfully delivered to the Comprehensive Social Welfare Institute of Jishishan County, Gansu Province (the disaster area material coordination area), as well as Haidong Citizens and Hui and Tu Autonomous County in Qinghai Province through the earthquake relief green channel.


Mission in the heart, responsibility on the shoulders. CMS never forgets its original intention, always remembers the mission of being a citizen of pharmaceutical enterprises, closely pays attention to social needs, and continues to actively practice social responsibility in innovative development. Our group will consistently pay attention to the disaster relief situation and subsequent progress in the disaster zone, and provide assistance within our capabilities to support the victims in surviving the winter safely and rebuilding their warm homes as soon as possible.