China Medical System Won the “2023 Cailian Press Zhiyuan Award – Pioneer in Corporate Governance”

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Recently, the fourth annual Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Forum and Awards Ceremony hosted by Cailian Press ended successfully. China Medical System (“CMS”), with its long-term efforts and outstanding performance in the ESG field, was honored with the “2023 Cailian Press Zhiyuan Award – Pioneer in Corporate Governance.”


The Cailian Press Zhiyuan Award aims to select representative companies that have business value and social influence in the ESG field and have contributed to the sustainable development. Specifically, the “Pioneer in Corporate Governance” award evaluates the comprehensive performances in corporate governance and selects companies with leading practices in ESG strategy, governance, profitability, competitiveness, and related honors.


Upholding the ESG vision of becoming a world-leading sustainable pharmaceutical enterprise, CMS is dedicated to integrating sustainable development concepts into its overall strategy and daily operation. CMS has established a scientific and effective governance structure with clear responsibilities, and continuously promotes stakeholder engagement to optimize its internal governance practices. The corporate governance practice and ESG performance of CMS have been well recognized by authoritative organizations, of which CMS has received “AA” in the MSCI-ESG rating and 54 for the S&P Global ESG score, and stands at the top level among global peers.


CMS adheres to high standards of business ethics, and continuously operates with compliance and efficiency. The company aims to meet its sustainable development strategy with a gradual completion of its long-term goals covering medical accessibility, employee care, product quality, and environmental protection. In addition, CMS focuses on unmet clinical needs, efficiently develops differentiated innovative products to safeguard the quality of patients’ life; CMS closely monitors social needs, takes practical actions for poverty and vulnerable groups issues, and responds immediately when major natural disasters occur.


Looking ahead, CMS will keep in mind its mission of being a pharmaceutical corporate citizen. CMS will pay close attention to social and livelihood needs based on its solid operation and improve internal governance, and will contribute to the sustainable development of society and the environment with CMS strength.