CMS Won the “Most Socially Responsible Listed Company Award” at the 8th Zhitong Finance Capital Market Annual Conference

Company News

On December 6th, the 8th Zhitong Finance Capital Market Annual Conference, jointly organized by Zhitong Finance and ROYALFLUSH INFO Finance, was grandly opened in Shenzhen. At the highly anticipated “Listed Company Selection and Awards” session, China Medical System Holdings Limited (“CMS”) (867.HK) was awarded the “Most Socially Responsible Listed Company” due to its high emphasis and active practices on social responsibility.


The “Listed Company Selection” involved over a thousand listed companies, aiming to select outstanding examples among Hong Kong/US listed companies through rigorous indicator analysis, online voting, and expert evaluation. The “Most Socially Responsible Listed Company Award” aims to recognize listed companies that strive to practice social responsibility, actively fulfill their responsibilities towards consumers, communities, and the environment, and make positive contributions in areas such as charitable donations, targeted poverty alleviation, and ecological protection.


For many years, CMS has been actively fulfilling the responsibilities and commitments of pharmaceutical professionals, with the mission of providing competitive products and services to meet unmet clinical needs. CMS has cooperated extensively with global innovation forces to jointly develop innovative pharmaceutical products with academic value and differentiated advantages to improve the accessibility of global innovative drugs to Chinese patients. After over five years of R&D investment and advancement, in 2023,, CMS’s three differentiated innovative drugs have successfully obtained China marketing approvals. In addition, more than ten innovative drugs are under clinical trials stages (mainly RCTs), continuously providing patients with more new and effective drugs. In terms of social welfare, CMS actively participates in public welfare activities such as caring for special children, disaster relief, and rural revitalization, responding to societal needs with practical actions. In terms of ecological and environmental protection, CMS implements environmental protection concepts, increases efforts in green low-carbon transformation, and creates a green, harmonious, and sustainable operating model.


In the past year, CMS’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) related management practices have been widely recognized: CMS’s MSCI-ESG has achieved an “AA” and surpassed 74% of global peers; its S&P Global ESG score is 54 points, surpassing 91% of peer companies globally and being included in the first “Sustainable Yearbook (China)” of S&P Global.


CMS knows responsibility in its heart and takes responsibility in action. In the future, CMS will not forget its original intention, continue to practice responsible business development and internal governance, actively assume corporate citizenship responsibilities, and promote the healthy and harmonious development of enterprises, society, and the environment.