CMS’s 32nd Anniversary | Embracing “New Rise” with “New CMS”

Company News

When the development of a Pharma resonates with the trend of the industry, it is not hard to imagine how fast it will accelerate.


Through 32 years of development, CMS has transferred through three stages to continuously build a new CMS for adapting to the external environment. From “selling” drugs when starting up a business, to “owning” drugs by purchasing products’ rights, and now to “creating” drugs via its innovation platform, every step taken by CMS is consistent with industrial development sooner or later.


On its 32nd Birthday, with the landings of differentiated innovation fruits, CMS has successfully embarked on the commercialization era of innovative products, continuously building sustainable growth momentum.



Persistent innovation investment and transformation bring us the great

confidence to embrace “New Future, New Rise”!