“Kangzhe” Brand was Awarded the 21st “Shenzhen Top Brand (Bay Area Top Brand)”

Company News

On 9th May, the 21st Shenzhen Top Brand and Bay Area Top Brand Event was held grandly, and unveiled series of award lists. The “Kangzhe” brand was awarded the “Shenzhen Top Brand” and “Bay Area Top Brand.”


Since 2003, the Shenzhen Top Brand event has been spearheaded by the Shenzhen Industry Association, in collaboration with relevant departments, industry associations, professional institutions, and media organizations to form an evaluation committee. It has fostered a group of Chinese brands with distinct advantages by motivating enterprises in Shenzhen to cultivate and establish esteemed brands.


The “Kangzhe” brand participated in the evaluation for the first time. Leveraging its distinctive and professional brand image as well as outstanding innovation achievements,  “Kangzhe” brand stood out among 428 applicants and has been awarded as “Shenzhen Top Brand (Bay Area Top Brand)” with high scores in various dimensions, including market position, industry reputation, brand value, and innovation capability.


Brand image derives from innovative product strength. In recent years, China Medical System Holdings Limited (“CMS” or “the Company”) focuses on its strategic goal of innovative development and its mission of “providing competitive products and services to meet unmet medical needs” , and it has developed an innovation platform linking pharmaceutical innovation and commercialization with “CMS characteristic”. CMS has been efficiently advancing R&D and commercialization of innovative products to empower the continuous transformation of scientific research achievements into clinical practices and to benefit patients.


Simultaneously, deeply rooted in specialized therapeutic field, CMS has gradually built a products brand matrix with differentiated academic advantages. Leveraging its extensive channel coverage and resources across multiple disease fields, the Company has won leading academic and market positions for its core marketed branded drugs.


Being awarded the 21st “Shenzhen Top Brand (Bay Area Top Brand)” represents a comprehensive recognition of the “Kangzhe” brand and  Company’s achievements in corporate governance, social responsibility, and brand building. Moving forward, CMS will actively take its responsibilities as a pharmaceutical company, continuously deepening its innovation layout and strengthening its core competitiveness to foster a more valuable and influential pharmaceutical brand.