CMS Corporate Responsibility | Supporting the Implementation of “Canteen for Elderly” and “Public Library” Public Welfare Programs

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On June 21, 2024, China Medical System Holdings Limited (“CMS”) was invited to attend the launching ceremony of the “Canteen for Elderly”, a digital meal delivery service project for elderly under the Public Welfare Program named “Hundreds, Thousands and Ten-Thousands Project (百千万工程)” . The ceremony was held in Lianping of Heyuan City, Guangdong Province.


CMS responds actively to the “Hundreds, Thousands and Ten-Thousand Project”. With assistance to accelerate the progress of the “Canteen for Elderly” project in Lianping, CMS also participated in the construction of the “Public Library” project to promote the livelihood projects implementation and benefit local population.


Canteen for Elderly

Elderly meal delivery service is a common livelihood need of elderly people and their families. By donating through the Nanshan Charity Association,CMS participated in the construction of the “Canteen for Elderly in Lianping” project to provide the elderly with warm meals, and effectively improve their quality of life and increase happiness.


Public Library

Libraries play an important role in the education and growth of students. CMS made donation through Guangdong Education Foundation and Nanshan Charity Association to Luojing Primary School in Lianping, for the construction of the public library. It solves the problem of books shortages in the rural school, meets the students’ study needs and stimulates their interest in reading.


CMS is always committed to practicing public welfare with practical actions. In the future, CMS will keep corporate responsibility in mind, delivering the warmth of the enterprise to the society, and facilitating the continuous development of social welfare and charity program.