【Midatech Pharma – MTX110】Orphan Designation Granted by EMA to MTX110 Development for the Treatment of Glioma

June 21 2022- Midatech Pharma issued a press release, which is summarized as follows: Midatech Pharma announced that its development programme of MTX110 for the treatment of glioma has been granted Orphan Medicinal Product designation by the European Medicines Agency (“EMA”). Orphan designation is granted by the EMA to medicines that meet pre-specified criteria, including treatment of a life-threatening condition and prevalence of no more than 5 in 10,000 in the EU. The designation is intended to offer a range of incentives that facilitate development of the medicine, such as protocol development assistance, reduction in fees and market exclusivity upon successful approval of the drug. Commenting, Dmitry Zamoryakhin, CSO of Midatech, said: “Both rGBM and DIPG are devastating and incurable cancers marked by short survival rates and universal recurrence. Receiving Orphan designation for MTX110 is an important milestone for the development of the drug, as it demonstrates the need for novel and effective treatment […]


【Trinomab】Trinomab was Listed on the “2022 Future Healthcare VB100 – Top 100 Innovative Biomedicine Companies”

23th June, 2022 – Trinomab issued a press release, which is summarized as follows:  On June 15, 2022, the high-profile 2022 Future Healthcare VB100 List was released on the 6th Top 100 Future Medical Cloud Summit. Trinomab was selected for the “2022 Future Healthcare VB100 – Top 100 Innovative Biomedicine Companies”. The 2022 Future Healthcare VB100 is the first domestic non-listed company ranking in the medical innovation field jointly launched by VB100, VBData and VCBeat Research. As an annual selection in the life science field that attracts the most attention from the industry and capital market, it aims to select Chinese innovative companies that truly represent the future of health care, and to discover the core strength of China’s future health care industry. The selection of China’s Top 100 Innovative Biomedicine Companies in 2022 ranks the top 100 non-listed innovative biomedicine companies in valuation based on their growth and annual performance in human […]


【Can-Fite BioPharma-Product CF101】Can-Fite Announces Positive Top-Line Results from PICLIDENOSON(CF101)Phase III Comfort Study In Moderate To Severe Psoriasis

29th June 2022 – Can-Fite BioPharma issued a press release, which is summarized as follows: Piclidenoson Phase III COMFORT study in moderate to severe psoriasis met its primary endpoint with statistically significant improvement and Piclidenoson had an excellent safety profile. The COMFORT trial is a Phase III, multicenter, randomized, placebo- and active-controlled, double-blind study to assess the efficacy and safety of Piclidenoson in more than 400 adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. The study data show that patients treated with oral Piclidenoson 2 mg or 3 mg twice daily, had clinically equivalent efficacy responses. At week 16, patients receiving Piclidenoson 3mg demonstrated statistically significant improvement when compared with placebo, as measured by the Psoriasis Area and Severity Index (PASI) 75 response: Piclidenoson 3mg: 9.7% vs. placebo: 2.6% (P< 0.04). Secondary endpoint parameters at week 32 comparing Piclidenoson to the active control drug, Otezla, revealed inferiority with respect to PASI […]


【Destiny Pharma-Product XF-73】Destiny Pharma Announces Start of a New XF-73 Research Programme

5th July, 2022 – Destiny Pharma issued an announcement, which is summarized as follows:  Destiny Pharma today announces that it has started a new research programme. The research study will be conducted in the US by Oral Mucositis (“OM”) expert Professor Stephen Sonis and will investigate the potential of XF-73 as a preventive medicine to alleviate suffering from OM in patients receiving cancer treatment by testing its efficacy in the gold-standard model of OM. The potential utility of XF-73 in this indication is due to the long-recognised association between the development of OM and changes in the oral microbiome. The unique antimicrobial properties of XF?73 have already been demonstrated in Phase 2 clinical trials. As well as having fast-acting antimicrobial activity and a novel mechanism of action, XF-73 has an excellent safety profile and a lack of systemic exposure which means that it is ideally suited for development as an innovative oral […]


【Destiny Pharma-Product XF-73】Destiny Pharma Announce Publication of XF-73 Drug Synergy Data

7th July, 2022 – Destiny Pharma issued an announcement, which is summarized as follows:  Destiny Pharma today announces the publication of new data on XF-73 with Cardiff University in Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology, a peer-reviewed publication. This research project is partly funded through a £1.6m collaboration between Destiny Pharma, Cardiff University, China Medical Systems and University of Tianjin. The collaboration was established under the UK-China AMR grant fund set up by Innovate UK and the Department of Health and Social Care with the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology. These new in vitro data were generated by Dr Emma Board-Davies and Professor David Williams at the School of Dentistry, Cardiff University, in experiments studying the potential for XF-based drugs to enhance the effectiveness of key antibacterial treatments – many of which are now suffering from the emergence of bacterial resistance mechanisms. Multiple combinations of XF-based drugs and selected antibacterials were […]


China Medical System (867.HK) Won the “Top 10 Best Corporate Governance Companies in 2022” by Cailianshe

On July 15th, the 2022 Cailianshe Corporate Governance Forum and Annual Governance Awards Ceremony was grandly held. China Medical System Holdings Limited (“CMS” or the “Group”) stood out from hundreds of companies and won the “Top 10 Best Corporate Governance Companies
in 2022”.


Xia Lei,Vice Governor of Nanshan District and Others Visited China Medical System

On the afternoon of July 7th, Xia Lei, Vice Governor of Nanshan District, Shenzhen, led a team to visit China Medical System (“CMS” or the “Group”) to learn about the Group’s business and development strategies, and to solve the problems the Group faced. Chen Yanling, Executive Director and Vice President of CMS, Jiang Qingfu, General Manager of Shenzhen Kangzhe, and Cao Yang, Director of Administration Department of CMS, received the visitors. CMS is a platform company linking pharmaceutical innovation and commercialization with strong product lifecycle management capability. Capitalizing on its management ability in key R&D processes, efficient clinical execution, leading commercialization capability, compliant and efficient management system, and strong cash flow, CMS collaborates with global R&D forces and works to establish an innovative medicine transformation center in Shenzhen, which will foster transformation of scientific research into clinical practices, promote development of domestic innovative bio-technologies, and improve the accessibility of Chinese […]


China Medical System Donates to Support the “Guangdong Poverty Alleviation Day”

June 30 this year marks the 13th year of “Guangdong Poverty Alleviation Day”. In response to the call from the government and to fulfill the social responsibility, Shenzhen Kangzhe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Medical System Holdings Limited (“CMS”), donated RMB500,000 to the Charity Association of Shenzhen Nanshan. The donation is given to Jiaoqi Village, Muchang Village and Yanzhu Village in Guilin, Guangxi, to improve the local development environment and contribute to the rural construction. Aiming for long-term development, the donation will be used for livelihood improvement, infrastructure construction, industrial expansion, and other aspects in those villages to promote the all-round development in “industry, talents, culture, ecology, and organization ”. The eradication of poverty requires long-term efforts. Over the years, CMS has been actively engaged in poverty alleviation activities, and kept paying back to the society through targeted donations, consumption assistance, public welfare assistance to farmers, and other […]


【Helius Medical Technologies-Product PoNS】Helius Announces Second Partnership to Implement Clinical Experience Programs with PoNS? Treatment in the United States

24th October 2018 – Helius Medical Technologies, Inc. issued an announcement, which is summarized as follows: Helius Medical Technologies, Inc. announces second partnership with Northwell Health’s Feinstein Institute to implement clinical experience programs (CEP) with PoNS? Treatment in the United States. The CEP will be performed at three of Northwell Health’s clinical sites. The original website link: https://heliusmedical.com/index.php/newsroom/news-release/2018/248-


【Can-Fite BioPharma-Product CF102】Due to Patient Survival, Top Line Results of the Namodenoson Phase II Advanced Liver Cancer Trial Expected Q1/19

31st October 2018 – Can-Fite BioPharma Limited issued an announcement, which is summarized as follows: Can-Fite BioPharma Limited provided an update on its Phase II clinical trial of drug candidate Namodenoson (CF102) for the treatment of advanced hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) in patients with Child Pugh B whose disease has progressed on sorafenib therapy. Due to patient survival, top line efficacy results are expected during the first quarter of 2019. The original website link: https://ir.canfite.com/press-releases/detail/835/due-to-patient-survival-top-line-results-of-the-namodenoson-phase-ii-advanced-liver-cancer-trial-expected-q119


【Destiny Pharma-Product XF-73】Destiny Pharma Announces Research Collaboration with the University of Southampton Targeting Infections in Diabetic Foot Ulcers and Cystic Fibrosis

1st November 2018 –Destiny Pharma issued an announcement, which is summarized as follows:  Collaboration to investigate potential antimicrobial candidates from the Company’s XF drug platform against infections associated with biofilms Destiny Pharma today announces it has been jointly awarded a National Biofilms Innovation Centre (NBIC) funded research collaboration with the University of Southampton. The project is intended to examine the use of the Company’s novel XF compounds to prevent, control, and eradicate chronic clinical infections with underlying biofilm involvement, such as those in diabetic foot ulcers and cystic fibrosis. There is a significant unmet medical need in both the treatment and management of biofilms which can cause and exacerbate serious infections. Destiny Pharma’s XF compounds have already shown the potential to eradicate bacteria, such as MRSA, within a biofilm. The NBIC funded collaboration plans to expand on this data using laboratory and clinical microbial biofilm models and the expertise of the team […]


【Can-Fite BioPharma-Product CF102】Prior to Phase II Liver Cancer Data Release Can-Fite BioPharma Brings on Board an Oncologist Expert

20th November 2018 – Can-Fite BioPharma Limited issued an announcement, which is summarized as follows: : Can-Fite BioPharma Limited announced that Professor Josep Llovet, an experienced leader with deep background in liver cancer research and development, has been commissioned by the Company to assist in the analysis of the Phase II data that is anticipated during the first quarter of 2019. Professor Llovet is Founder and Director of the Liver Cancer Program and Full Professor of Medicine at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York University (USA), and Professor of Research-ICREA in the BCLC Group, Liver Unit, IDIBAPS-Hospital Clínic, University of Barcelona. Professor Llovet has been President, Secretary and Founder of the International Liver Cancer Association (ILCA) and Chairman of the European Clinical Practice Guidelines of management of liver cancer (EASL-EORTC). A renowned key opinion leader, Dr. Llovet has published more than 240 articles in peer-reviewed journals, more than 50 […]