Fully Human Anti-rabies Virus Antibody


Intended to be used for rapid passive immunization of patients bitten and scratched by rabies infected dogs or other animals susceptible to rabies infection

Product Advantage

An accessible natural fully human antibody with low immunogenicity and high affinity


Innovative biological agent; patent of Natural Fully Human Monoclonal Antibody R&D Platform

Product Introduction

Fully Human Anti-rabies Virus Antibody can confer passive immune response to rabies virus through providing required neutralizing antibodies at the site of exposure within 0-7 days after exposure, when the body is not able to generate its own antibodies induced by active immunization with vaccine. The marketed passive immunization agents in China are subject to production capacity limitation due to the blood plasma-derived production process, and their market penetration rate is relatively low. As a non-blood plasma-derived product, Fully Human Anti-rabies Virus Antibody may become a passive immunization medicine for rabies virus that is not limited by related production capacity issues, while having high safety and strong affinity.