Chronic balance deficit due to mild-to-moderate traumatic brain injury

Product Advantage

A groundbreaking and non-invasive portable neuromodulation stimulator with high cure rate, for the treatment of balance disorders associated with brain-related diseases


Innovative medical device

Product Introduction

PoNS, portable neuromodulation stimulator, is the only tongue-delivered stimulator which stimulates the cranial nerves (trigeminal and facial nerves) by acting on the tongue. Combined with exercise training, PoNS™ is developed for the adjuvant treatment of balance disorders in patients with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), stroke, cerebral palsy, etc. PoNS is a non-invasive device with a compact design. It is ready-to-wear and has the characteristic of safety, easy to use and patient personalization. The product has been approved for marketing in Canada.

More than 1.3 million people are injured in China each year due to traffic accidents, which are the most common cause of TBIs (accounting for approximately 54% of the causes of TBIs). There is a large unmet therapeutic need for rehabilitation treatment of TBI prognosis balance disorder, but there is no formally approved therapeutic medicine or treatment method to address this treatment challenge both domestically. PoNS will provide patients with a brand new treatment model that improves balance disorders, enhances self-care abilities and quality of life, and greatly reduces the financial burden on patients and their families.